Phase Pinning and Interlayer Effects on Competing Orders in Cuprates (2018)

ZM Raines

on arXiv

Over the past few years, several exciting experiments in the cuprates have seen evidence of a transient superconducting state upon optical excitation polarized along the c-axis [R. Mankowsky et al., Nature 516, 71 (2014)]. The competition between d-form-factor order and superconductivity in these materials has been proposed as an important factor in the observed enhancement of superconductivity. Central to this effect is the structure of the bond-density-wave along the c-axis, in particular, the $c$-axis component of the ordering vector $Q_z$. Motivated by the fact that the bond-density-wave order empirically shows a broad peak in c-axis momentum, we consider a model of randomly oriented charge ordering domains and study how interlayer coupling affects the competition of this order with superconductivity.